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Islamic Studies Online:

Islam tells us a complete way of life. Our Deen-e-Islam is not only a belief but it is complete conduct of life. Muslims should live their lives according to the commands of Allah. In the Islamic Studies Online course; we cover a wide range of subjects that are necessary for everyone Muslim including. But not limited to Aqidah (Belief), Fiqh (Islamic Laws, also known as Sharia), Rules of Tajweed, Rules of Hadith; Tafseer ul Quran & Islamic History.

Each subject is divide into several levels of learn Islam online courses. So, That goes from primary knowledge to advance knowledge. The structure of Islamic Studies is as follows:

Outline of this course:


The syllabus is divided into sub-areas that include Memorization, Recitation, Tajweed, and Tafseer. The recitation syllabus is divide into eight levels with the goal to master the letters and their phonetics; understand the characteristics of every letter and their articulation points; and enable students to read the Quran without errors. The Tajweed syllabus enhances that with precision in pronouncing every letter. To perfecting even the amount of breath that is release with every word.


The hadith speak for a personal source of divine guidance that Allah Pak granted his prophet.  Which was alike in its nature to the Quran as itself. Since the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam was guide by revelation in his personal life. His character & social interactions set great examples of moral conduct for Muslims Ummah until the last day.

It is with the study of authentic Ahadis; That we can realize how to apply the Holy Quran in our daily routine. Therefore in our Online Academy; The Hadis syllabus studies the Basic sources of authentic hadis. Such as the Sahih & books such as Ma’arif ul Hadith; Mishkat ul Masabih & Riyad us Saaliheen.


A globally syllabus ( Nisab) that is designed to cement articles of faith. Such as belief in Allah (God) and Tawhid (monotheism); Belief in the angels, Belief in the holy book and prophets; Belief in the Resurrection (Day of Qiyamah); And belief in predestination (Taqdeer). As a result of this course named by Aqadiyat that focuses on the fundamental of Aqaid as well as the study of advanced subjects.


The curriculum is described to develop a deep understanding in the different matters of Islamic law. It interprets rules of Allah Ta’ala that concern actions; What is require (Wajib); sinful (haraam), recommend (mandub); disapprove (makruh) or neutral (mubah). The Curriculum is divide into Fiqh Essentials. And Advance Topics that cover the opinions of the four prominent schools (Malki, Shafi, Hanfi, and Hanbali).

Islamic History:

In the Islamic History course; we cover the full history of Islam from the beginning of creation until recent history. The Curriculum is create to develop identity and pride in Islamic History; recognizes the achievements of Muslims across the ages.

How are we different?

There are no restrictions on those who want to learn Islam online. All Muslim Ummah children should learn these fundamental basics of their religion. Including how to follow the holy prophet’s example of life and faith. The language that Allah used to send revelation; and how to avert sin to live a true life.

Muslim Ummah adults may find themselves wanting to better understand Arabic. Whether for fundamental basic language skills of law & doctrine. Therefore, We make it possible and acceptable for an entire family to come together. And studies of the Holy Quran Al Hakeem to gain a well-to-do empathetic of their faith.

Our Qualified Tutors: We bring the classroom into your living room by providing a 24/7 schedule; with highly qualified Tutors who have extensive experience. No other Learn Islam Online course program recruits its Tutors as our academy does from Jamia Farooqia Karachi. Considered one of the most Authentic Islamic universities in the world.

Therefore Our teachers, furthermore, can provide one-on-one tutoring for adults or children; as needed. This course is a Master level education as Masters in Islamic studies online.

Global education has rapidly shifted to digital learning. Studies determine that the huge amount of time spent using on-screen communication & studying is steadily growing around the globe.

So, Our Academy helps to connect students who are use to learning primarily, or even entirely, through online platforms.

Support 24/7:

So, Our curriculum is design with an e-learner online, which is why we provide 24/7 support and scheduling. Insha Allah, we save you valuable time & money and cover all mentioned details in minimum time schedules.

In case, anyone cant affords our fee So we can set affordable fees as easy for the student. Absolutely, you can be certain that you will get on the right track to success with our tutors. Finally, As your online Islamic classes begin with an understanding of your skills. And achieve with a rating of your capability and competence.

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