Zakat Course

Zakat Course:

Zakat Course, Zakat is well known as one of the fundamental pillars of our blessed religion. Yet it is misunderstood by the majority of Muslims which leads to incorrect practices. It is an obligation on Muslims to study the details of any form of worship required of them, and this is more so the case with Zakat; as many of us continue to make mistakes in our calculation and payment of Zakat.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Obligation, who is obliged to pay Zakat?
  • Zakatable assets, the possessions upon which Zakat is due and others that Zakat is not required for.
  • Timing, contrary to the popular notion; it is not permitted to determine when to calculate Zakat rather this is determined by one’s circumstance and sacred law rulings.
  • Recipients of Zakat; it is not permitted to give Zakat to just anyone who appears poor rather the sacred law has dictated criteria in defining the poor.

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