Online Quran Academy

Iqra TajweedulQuran is an independent Academy. The non-partisan entity with no sectarian or political affiliations. Our aim is to promote Online Quran learning across the globe. Experts from Quranic education and IT industry. Are providing their expert services to deliver superior learning experience. By employing state of the art technology and modern-day teaching methodologies
We use state of the art technology for Online Quran Reading. We make sure that our students do not face any difficulty even they are trying Quran Reading Online for the very first. Our services do not demand high-end computer knowledge from students.
People with basic computer operating skills can take Online Quran Classes without any hassle.

History of Online Quran Learning

Online Quran Learning was initiated by a few families living in the USA. In order to teach Quran online to their kids. However, people living in the neighborhood adopted the concept which ultimately gained acceptance; by the Muslim community living in different countries.
With the passage of time; people have understood the real effectiveness of online Quran Tutors And how it helps people in Learning Quran Recitation at their homes.

Advantages of Online Quran Learning

The reason behind the success of Online Quran reading is the benefits it offers to the Quran Learners. Online Quran reading is secure. Since it eliminates the need for physical mobility; or contact for the student.  It eliminates several different threats; especially for the Muslims living in the Muslim minority areas.
For the reason that Muslim living as a minority has to take extra care for their family; and the way they perform their religious practices. Online Quran Classes for Kids becomes difficult, in some cases even impossible. Kids cannot move independently to a distant location to learn Quran. Therefore, In such a situation parents normally wait for the time. When their kids reach a mature age to travel. However, that usually hampers Online Quran Classes for Kids

Online Quran Learning is Convenient

Now you can Learn Quran Without moving a single foot away from your home; through Online Quran Learning services offered by Iqra Tajweed ul Quran Online Academy. So, It saves Time, Money and Extra efforts related to the arrangement and mobility of Quran Tutors.

Online Quran Learning is Flexible

he time suggested by the students . Consequently, It helps students to decide a schedule flexible enough; to provide room for their other activities.
Most of the time Qur’an tutors are not available 24 hours. However, Online Quran teaching makes it possible for Quran tutors. So, To make themselves available for their students wherever they want to read the Quran.

Online Quran Learning is Affordable

Finally, Online Quran Academy is categorized as a rare service in non-muslim countries. Therefore, People living there have to pay more Hadiya; as compared to what they to Online Quran Tutor. Hadia should not be a criterion for choosing the tutor to learn the Quran.
However, we do interact with people who cannot afford to have a Quran tutor in their own country. Moreover, people have to pay extra costs like transportation and food along with their tuition fees.
Therefore, Online Quran teaching is one of the most affordable and convenient options to learn the Quran.