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Learn Quranic Arabic

The Arabic language is the language of Quran Al Hakeem. This kind of Arabic is known as Quranic Arabi or Old Arabi. Also known as Arabic Grammar. It is kind of different from the modern standard Arabic that is generally use in everyday life. The big difference is in some of the wording. Students can learn Quranic Arabic online and starts to get a whole new prospect on the language by one to one Arabic lessons.

Students attracted in getting these Learn Quranic Arabic Online courses are encourage to have a firm grasp of modern standard Arabic beforehand.

Quranic Arabic

This course is a very ideal course for those who are attentive in learning and understanding the Quranic Language (Arabic Language). 1firstly, we are providing you with fundamental background information on every surah.

So, That gives them the historical perspective of every surah which will allow you to understand the surah fully By one to one Arabic lessons.

Then we provide students with interactive studying pages on each verse of every chapter. This course will cover parts 29 (Surat Al-Ankabut) and 30 (Surat Ar-Rum) of the Quran as well as the Surat Tun Nisa (also known as the Women), which is the 4th chapter of the Quran that deals with family life.

Stories of the Prophets

Our Quranic Arabic lessons are based on the verses that relate to 6 prophets. The class will start with the first Peghamber (prophet), Hazrat Adam Alayhi Sallam, and progress in historical order. Including the stories about the life of the Our Peghamber (prophet) Hazrat Muhammad Sallah Alayhi Wasallam.

Tajweed (Quran Recitation Rules)

Arabic is an elegant language where even the slightest mispronunciation can Strongly alter the meaning of a word. To conserve the meaning and respect of the Holy Quran Hakem, there are reading rules in place for the reader of the Holy Quran Hakeem. Basically, Tajweed is the name of following these rules.

With this course, you will be studying the all basic tajweed rules and have practice reciting the Quran Al Hakeem. Specifically, you will get to study the verses and what every word within the means. You can click on any word in the chapter to hear it says and to get its translation. A color-coded tajweed rule key will also be available to you for all words. You will also get an explanation of why each tajweed rule is present for each word.

Start Quranic Arabic Classes

So, If you want to begin these Quranic Arabic classes or our two other Arabic language track courses. Visit our course catalog page to view our course offerings.

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