Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization:

Quran memorization OR Hifz ul Quran Online is a sacred and ideal goal for every Muslim. It’s good luck and acceptance from Allah Ta’ala that you’re capable to learn the Holy Quran Memorization. If you wish to the choice of this blessing; you should be setting a goal to receive it. And therefore aim to achieve it and make its aim of life religiously; to get the maximum prosperity in this world and the second life.

Iqra Tajweed ul Quran Online Academy one can memorize the Quran that means you or your children will be capable to learn the Quran orally easily. Iqra Tajweed ul Quran has a very good know-how of guiding students to do the Holy Quran Memorization. We realize that how a student goes verse by verse and progressively leads to the final destination.

We implement a very smooth and impressive procedure that a student can memorize the Quran without delay. An Academy going learner can also gain this great task if he/she has the bravery and significance to learn Quran orally. So start with the name of Allah and Join us to Memorize Quran Online program.

Plan to Quran Memorization:

  1. New task, This is the amount of new lesson you will be memorizing day by day.
  2. freshly Memorized lessons named by Sabaqi, This is the number of verses of the Holy Quran which you’ve memorized in 10 lessons or half Parah. This part has a big importance in the memorization process. It will be regulated if the verse you have memorized will be stable for your life or not.
  3. The previous Memorization completed Parah’s.

This is the section of the Holy Quran Al Majeed you have memorized & analyzed for last lessons continuously. So, The revision and recite to your tutor depend on how much The Holy Quran Al Hakeem you have memorized.

Therefore, Once you have memorized the complete, you will be revision with the just previous memorization. This will continue for the part of life as keeping it fix is great importance.

Procedure for Quran Memorization:

On starting, the student needs to take half an hour to the tutor for classwork as far as two parts (Parah) are memorized. Then class time is expanded to one hour per day for 5 days a week. A student has to adapt all his given assignments at home in contrasting parts of days for one to two hours. So, Regularly it takes 2 years of an average student to complete The Holy Quran Memorization online; but it varies student to student.  

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